Saturday, November 1, 2008

And the blessings keep coming

Currently the situation in Ethiopia is making it very difficult to obtain formula for infants. Not just because the cost is insanely high - but is it difficult to even acquire. In our adoption group alone - there have been two deaths of baby girls before their parents could come and get them. This should never happen. Additionally, older children do not get the much needed protein in their diet.

Earlier in October, some dear friends hosted an auction called Project Impact to help with the future costs of formula, food, electricity, etc, of the orphanages and transition house that our adoption agency supports. However, because the cost is not so much the issue in getting formula, families are taking as much formula as they can over with them as donations, when they travel to pick up their children.

Currently I have been sent more than $800 to buy formula to take with me. I am so honored to do this. I am hoping to get some funds donated to help pay for the cost of excess baggage. The excess baggage will cost somewhere between $130 and $180 per bag - depending on whether I need to pay the domestic airline fee or the international airline fee. I am hoping to have 6-8 extra bags between my Mom and I. I will take as many as the airline allows and as many as it takes to get the formula and other donations over there.

Additionally, God was able to orchestrate a donation from Gymboree for new clothes for 350 children! This is wonderful - so many people take clothes for babies - but not for the older children - the clothes will be for children ages 2 and up. I will need to find a way to get this to Ethiopia as well. All donations need to be taken with someone as baggage, as shipping it there will have an expense in tax about 4 times the value of the goods being shipped. We are trying to be as financially efficient as possible.

I want to thank all of you who are donating! You are touching little lives across the world! I will continue to post as I have more info on this.

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