Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Settled

Well here I am months after my last post. In case you didn't know - we moved to Hendersonville, TN in mid August from Portland, OR. It will officially be seven weeks tomorrow that we arrived at our new home. I said I would never live in the south - but look at where God put me - and I have to say I am enjoying it - it is clearly where we are supposed to be.

Things are going well, kids are adjusting. I have to say though - making like minded friends is harder than I remember - for the kids and us grown ups. I forgot how much goes into investing in those kind of relationships and the time that it takes. Not to mention the fact that some think I am a little nuts when it comes to adoption and orphan care. Maddy needs a friend her age, Carter and Maraya are really wanting to meet some kids from Ethiopia and Zoe - well she wants China friends. Jack - he is doing well - he just rolls with it. I am plugging in where I can - but I find that as you get to know people - you may not be as like minded as you first thought -that makes it hard. Bill needs some guy friends, someone he can talk with, pray with, hang out with and just be a guy with.

I don't have pictures to share right now - but will as soon as I find my camera. Many things to put up - I probably won't post much text - but I will get birthday pictures and archery pictures up from before the move.

Will try to find the camera this weekend.

Today I am getting ready to teach my first class to 24 homeschool kids. Homeschool - something I never thought I would do - but I am enjoying it. Now the art class we are doing today - started out to be a few kids along with my five kids just doing some purposeful are projects - well it has grown to 24 kids - exciting - but oh my a little scary at the same time.

We will see how it goes - will try to find my camera and take pics.


alisa said...

I totally understand the 'making like-minded friends' -- we're new in our area also (Birmingham). I am finding that God does have those special women for me, but, they aren't who I thought they would be. Hang in there!
BTW- it was great to meet you at T4A!

Debi said...

Hi Justine!

We miss you here but are happy that the move went well.
Praying for the friendships for your family that God has purposed.
As Alisa said, those who may become our closest friends may have unexpected beginnings.
I tink of and pray for you and your family often.
Love and hugs and prayers,