Friday, December 26, 2008

Our First Snow

It was our first snow of the year, and Carter and Maraya's first snow of their life.

Madelyn was so excited! Maddy, Jack and Zoe were jumping up and down - Carter and Maraya followed suit - although I don't think they really understood why - they just saw the others so excited - they felt they should be too.

I took Maraya to the window, pointed and asked her "Snow in Ethiopia?" She looked at me with the strangest look, held out her pointer finger and waved it back and forth as she said "Noooo!"

They had a great time, all of them. They took turns pulling each other on the sled, throwing snow and just running around.

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Debi said...

Hi Justine, Bill and your beautiful family,
What a wonderful surprise to see your posting with the great photos of the kids. I did not realize the closeness of age between Zoe and Carter. What amazing gifts from God. He chose you from the foundation of the earth to to be their family. May God continue to cover you with His grace.
Hugs and love to you all,