Friday, October 31, 2008

Everything with us seems to be so fast and busy

So, we left off with May 1st, 1999 - we were married. Four months later we broke our apartment lease and bought our first home. A month after that we decided to start our own internet company. It was to be more of a hobby for me really - so that once we had kids, I could stay home with them and do a "little" work from home.

Bill started writing the code for the website in Oct of 1999. In January, I was eager to start a family - I asked Bill when we could start trying - he really wanted to wait for at least another year. That was fine with me.

Valentine's day came around. Bill got us tickets to a movie, although I was not feeling my best - (can you see where this is going?). In fact, we went to Red Robin for a bite before the movie started, I couldn't even eat the french fries.

He returned the movie tickets and we went home. After a few days of, what I thought was a nasty sinus infection, I called my doctor - she suggested a pregnancy test of all things. Well I thought she was nuts, but Bill went out and bought one.

I took it the next morning. When the timer went off, Bill and I both walked as slow as possible from the bedroom to the bathroom. Everything was going in slow motion, we inched closer and closer to the counter, looked to down to see that yes indeed we were having a baby!

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